About this Course

For a business to define its operational metrics and drive business decisions, understanding of its various business segments including legal and operational structures is key. This short course provides what professionals need to know about organization structures, various legal and management entities and how to use them for regulatory and management reporting. You will learn terms, concepts, and steps that can give you more comfort and confidence to initiate and participate in meaningful organizational change and digital transformation. You will also understand how the future of work is transforming our work, workforce, and the digital workplace and how it will impact future organizational structures.

  • Describe organization structure and the broader definition of organization design

  • Identify and understand various types of legal structures

  • Describe some standard forms of organization structures

  • Understand the concept of organizational and reporting hierarchies

  • Outline how you might go about defining your chart of accounts, reporting needs and meet various compliance needs

  • Learn the concepts of legal entities, subsidiaries, business divisions, foreign branches, representative offices, foreign subsidiaries, joint ventures and global conglomerates.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Organizational Structures

    • Introduction to Organizational Structures

    • Organizational Elements

    • Organizational Design

    • Considerations for Organizational Design

    • Different Organizational Structures

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Legal Structures

    • Legal Structures in Businesses

    • Sole Proprietorship Form

    • Partnership Form

    • Company Form

    • Legal Structures for Multinational Companies

    • Concept of Legal Entity

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Operational Structures

    • Operational Structures in Business

    • Horizontal or Flat Organizational Structures

    • Hierarchical Organization Structures

    • Functional Organizational Structures

    • Divisional Organizational Structures

    • Matrix Organizational Structures

    • Network Organizational Structures

    • Team-Based Organizational Structure

    • Defining Internal Structures

    • Defining Reporting Dimensions

    • Defining Organizational Hierarchies

    • Digital World of Work

Who this course is for:

Folks working on operational efficiency projects like Cost Optimization, Value Realization, Turnaround, Restructuring, Operating Model Transformation, Supply Chain Excellence, Organizational Re-Design, Organizational Effectiveness. The course will help them articulate the connections between different organizational entities. This course will help students make choices on critical questions such as the optimal business-unit structure; the role of the corporate center and shared services; and capabilities needed for pivotal roles; critical operations of each business unit, region, or product.

What is Included?

In this course, you will get...

  • Full Specialization

    This Course includes topics for full specialization in a self-paced learning format with presentations and topic readings. Downloadable job-aids included.

  • Get Certified

    Each chapter has practice questions followed by graded assignments with peer discussions and feedback. The certificate is issued on successful completion.

  • End to End Business Process

    Essential for anyone interested in understanding end-to-end business processes by helping articulate connections between different organizational entities.

Who should Join this Course?

  • Corporate Business Managers

    Seeking to understand organizational structures and the logic behind their design. Students planning to join the corporate world and want to understand the operational know-how

  • Transformation & Change Professionals

    Those working on operational efficiency projects like Cost Optimization, Value Realization, Turnaround, Restructuring, Operating Model Transformation, Organizational Re-Design, and Effectiveness.

  • Business Analysts

    Business analysts working on ERP or systems implementation who need to redesign the organizational hierarchies and Functional folks and those working with BPO/KPO who need to build a strong foundation on business processes.

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